We handcraft delicious Mexican style ice treats
Made from real fruits and natural ingredients


  • Strawberry Condensed Milk

    The tanginess of strawberry and sweetness of the condensed milk are just a perfect match, which makes this flavour a best seller. After a few bites the hardness meet the softness and the joy increases exponentially. And it’s Gluten Free!

  • Açai Bannana

    Acai is the Amazon superfood full of anti-oxidants. We use the pure pulp without syrups or other food additives to create the original flavour from its origin Brazil. Traditionally Acai and banana always goes together. That’s why we created a delicious banana core recipe to make the good even better.

  • Chocolate

    Do we really need to explain this flavour? Well, we do… because our chocolate paleta is made with an organic cocoa powder and premium ingredients providing you with a very rich chocolate experience.

  • Creamy Passionfruit

    The creaminess of this paleta added to the delicious flavour of passionfruit is unspeakable. Each paleta contains almost one full fresh passionfruit, that’s why the flavour is so rich.

  • Coconut

    Coconut sorbet on a stick! With flakes of real coconut! Can’t go wrong with this one, creamy, rich and delicious vegan option!

  • Mango

    “Mango on a stick!” That’s what we hear from customers after tasting this delicious paleta. Well, it could not be different almost 50% of the paleta are real fresh mangoes.

  • Strawberry

    Strawberries are strawberries! Delicious! Favourite! But our fruity paletas are not as hard as other ice blocks, this is because we use over 40% fresh fruit which I bet you won’t find this top quality elsewhere easily.

  • Naked Mango

    Naked says everything. There is nothing added but coconut water and mango. Less than 50kcal.

  • Naked Rainbow

    Coconut water, kiwi, strawberry and rockmelon. Nothing else. Pretty, delicious and refreshing.

  • Naked Recovery

    Coconut water with lime, watermelon and a hint of mint. Nothing else. Slightly sour, extremely refreshing.