We handcraft delicious Mexican style ice treats
Made from real fruits and natural ingredients

Paleta Mia

Paleta Mia handcraft delicious Mexican ice treats on a stick – Paletas! Our aim is to delight our customers offering something completely different to the traditional ice blocks. We keep it all natural with a 100% artisan process from the selection of fruits and top-end ingredients to the packaging. Each and every of our paletas are unique through this process.

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What is a Paleta?

Paleta is a Mexican style ice treat on a stick! You may describe it as an ice block, icy pole or popsicle but from now on you can call it Paletas. Why do we a need a foreign word to describe our product? It’s because it follows the roots of Mexican style ice blocks, handcrafted and not machine made, using fresh local sourced seasonal fruits, and not powders, artificial flavours or any other nasties. 

So please try our paletas and enjoy the experience!!!

100% Natural Handcrafted Ice Treats


Filled, Creamy, Fruity & Naked Handcrafted Paletas made all Natural


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